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You have probably been thinking about it a lot: the choice. Here are Three reasons why so many students and their families have invested in CRUTECH education — and why CRUTECH may just be the right choice for you.

While you're a student, you'll have the chance to get involved in the community, the world, and influence people's lives for the better. CRUTECH will help you shape a long-term vision for your life and discover how you can actually change the world.

CRUTECH is a place of Christian community. A wide range of worship opportunities, events and traditions, and clubs and organizations, build a close-knit, caring environment for learning.You'll find comfortable housing and accommodation, recreation and exercise centers, and student services and support focused on your individual needs.

CRUTECH is known for academic excellence. You will learn from professors who are known for their scholarship and who take a personal interest in students.You will enjoy small classes taught by full-time faculty members, not teaching assistants.You'll have the rare opportunity to participate in work study programmes in different parastatals in the State.