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Empower us to drive the development of new knowledge, new forms of expression, and new clinical care.

Assemble the smartest and most dedicated people, give them the resources and facilities they need, and they’ll change the world. With this seemingly simple formula, the faculty and students of CRUTECH have produced unparalleled new knowledge in science and technology, public health and the arts and humanities. With your support, we will invest in our faculty at the highest level in our history.

Enable more students to share in the rigors and richness of CRUTECH education.

CRUTECH will always be a place where the best young minds can come to find their life’s work. Help us provide more scholarships and fellowships, and at the same time bring new richness to the student experience: more opportunities to interact with professors, to engage in independent research, to participate in internships, community-focused programs, and athletics, and to lead student organizations that apply classroom learning.


Give Back to CRUTECH

All gifts, great or small, make a difference. Annual gifts allow key leaders at CRUTECH to react to immediate priorities or to assist in accomplishing their strategic objectives.

Your gift today can impact research, financial aid, faculty and our students. Make your selection and make a difference now.

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