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As a double blind, peer-reviewed, and copy-edited multi-disciplinary publication, Journal of Social and Environmental Sciences publishes original research, position papers, technical notes and reports and inventions quarterly. We are an inclusive platform for dissemination of academic submissions from all perspectives.

As an international learned publication, Journal of Social and Environmental Sciences  strives for the highest standards and  global outlook, in terms of its publication rigour, printed form, and academic content. Mindful of how words are used in the description of otherness, we do not accept sexist, bigoted, xenophobic, ethnic/racially denigrating, homophobic and all forms of hate words and views. The views expressed by any text published in Journal of Social and Environmental Sciences are wholly that of the author(s), and not of the journal or its Editorial Team.

The Editorial Board

  • Prof. Babson Ajibade - Editor-in-Chief 
  • Prof. E. B. Itam - Editor
  • Prof. Esekong Andrew - Editor
  • Prof. John Agberia - Editor
  • Dr. Aja Obia - Editor
  • Dr. Ajom Agbor - Editor
  • Emmanuel B. Henry - Data Analyst (SPSS, IRT, Python)
  • Emmanuel Echa - Web Manager

For submissions, we welcome hard or soft copies for assessment by blind peer-reviewers. Thereafter, authors are notified of the results of the process. Submissions are to be made in double line spacing, font size 12 and no more than 20 pages. Authors of longer texts need to contact the Editor. We also encourage visual data such as diagrams, drawings, chats, tables and photographs, but in very clear quality, for reproduction. While we publish all languages, authors of none-English  texts have to provide certified translations in the English language.

-- Editor-in-Chief