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 To access the new Email Services (For all staff who have reactivated their old email services) please click here NEW EMAIL ACCESS.

Eligibility for New CRUTECH Email Services

Before you can begin using the CRUTECH E-mail services, you must activate your identity (your CRUTECH Username and Password).

This is a one-time process using the Self-Service Process specified below.

Who is eligible?

Individuals currently employed by CRUTECH, students who are enrolled through the 2016/2017 crutechPay Portal Process, and those students who have gone for bio-data capturing at the MIS Unit.
It is important you do this since your CRUTECH Username is required for most university communications, scheduling classes, viewing grades online, submitting assignments and test, general information, and many other online services.

How to activate (Staff Only)

Note: Please all staff that wants to reactivate their CRUTECH email accounts should contact the Webmaster through his email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Request for webmail (NEW USERS)

1.            Log on to the CRUTECH website

2.            Click on Webmaster, then click on Webmaster.

3.            Provide your full name, staff computer number, department or unit in the message box.

4.            Send message and wait for response after verification has been concluded.